Buzz or Howl – Woodmill Gallery


For ‘Buzz or Howl’ 85A propose to eat sawdust and have you watch. Or rather, like Svankmajer’s White Rabbit our seams have split, dusty insides pouring into the dirt furrows of the world. And even though you see this odd creature and recognize that it’s not bleeding for real –only a grotesque allusion to the act itself- you still shudder at the prospect of having to replenish one’s own guts with a very large spoon.
Within this act of morbid mastication a portal emerges into a darkened chasm of experience. In this murky, half-glimpsed world it is not the viewed exterior which is celebrated but the raw machinations beneath the perishing flesh, insinuated and inferred, hissing and spitting forgotten litanies. As one’s pupils dilate and a flitting slit of light penetrates the shifting gloom, a torn and mutilated simulation of a psychological-space emerges: that ‘grey area’ of emotion where visual onomatopoeia culminates in nightmarish spectre.

And herein lies the crux of experiential dynamics: to allow oneself that final step into the blackness…that mythical realm in which horror may dwell.