Virtual 3D Sound as Art – Presentation, Interaction and Immersion

MSc Sound Design dissertation project 2009/10 – University of Edinburgh
(Distinction grade achieved)


Abstract sound, used as a medium for artistic expression, has struggled to find place within a predominantly visually orientated art fraternity. The Virtual 3-Dimensional Sound as Art (V3-DSA) project was developed to explore ways in which people could understand and connect more readily with artworks of this type. A 3-dimensional sonic environment was created for participants to explore, without the aid of vision. Head tracking and a computer game controller allowed participants to interact with the soundscape created, in a self-regulated, non-linear fashion. Participants found, within this environment, that they experienced a significant level of immersion which was enhanced by the utilisation of the movement interfaces used. The V3-DSA project identifies many future possibilities to the utilisation of computer game engine technologies. This could globally connect people in a sonic world that holds potential for bringing sound art to the next level.