Inspiring collaboration is what gets me out of bed in the morning. The amazingly talented and creative people I’ve had the privilege to work alongside have helped me to continually raise my standards and push the boundaries of my capabilities.
I love my job and that shows in what I create. My belief is that what you give out in life comes back in many different forms, guises and experiences. Rewards of all kinds have arrived from such unlikely sources, from just going the extra mile in every project and collaboration I take on. This philosophy has molded me into an individual who is acutely aware of my own capabilities and limits yet still manages to exceed them, making me an enjoyable collaborator to work alongside.
My career began as a touring musician in an alt rock band, where I recorded a couple of John Peel BBC sessions, before earning a distinction-grade MSc in Sound Design at Edinburgh University in 2010. During this 9-year period, I gained a solid understanding of sound and its effects on us as listeners.
Since 2010, I have been working as a freelance sound designer, working on a wide range of projects from designing assistive technologies for disabled musicians to abstract sound art installations, music production, and live performance theater. My main focus, however, has been on feature film sound FX, where I have had the opportunity to work alongside some of the top audio professionals in the industry, consistently learning new skills and developing my sonic storytelling techniques. My previous work has ranged from subtle design on real-life dramas to Vietnam War films, horror, sci-fi and abstract, surrealist work for experimental films which really stretch your lateral thinking, and I have found extremely rewarding.
More recently I’ve been working in spatial 3D audio in and around virtual and augmented reality. Its really exciting times and the possibilities are literally infinite. My dissertation back in 2010 focused on this very area and now I feel the theoretical work I was developing back then is now becoming realistically possible.
In my spare time I’m usually playing guitar in my band or on sound recording trips to the far corners of the country. My sound library is constantly expanding and is a huge part of the enjoyment of my job to be able to use my own recordings in the projects I work on.